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Name: Vivian Camila

Surname: Correales Garcia.

Identity number: 97080700478

Date of Birth: August 7, 1997

Birthplace: Girardot, Cundinamarca.

RH: B + Sex: Female.


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My family are my parents Jose Vicente Correales And Gilma García and my sister Angie Daniela Correales García We are

a very close family , focusing on our stuff and very loving, we are very happy among other things, in this photo we are

with our mascot Luna Correales García, that gets all our attention, spent two years with us.


Her name is Luna Correales Garcia has two years born on July 7, 2010 in the town of Espinal, is tan,

light green eyes, spent two years in our family, marital status single.

is a bird which represents freedom and tenderness is a helpless little bird which requires

care and attention.


Is my pet, my friend, my company is part of my life since her ride, road,

despite being an animal for me is like a special

however small and a bird to me is important, it is characterized by freedom, flying and

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These are my friends who shared many moments, joys sorrows among other things,

we are always together , each of them is special, each live with just unforgettable moments

are my best friends.


What I like is sleeping, is a feature that identifies me as I never have to miss the

afternoon naps, sleep simply because love is like a

break for my body.

in my sleep personality stands out because most times I get tired so my body asks me sleep.


My biggest dream is to be an International Businessman and study at the University of Tolima,

prepare and travel to many countries know culture, languages and among other things.

Not only that but also my dream is to get my family ahead give them everything they need and

never want for anything because they gave me everything


I want to study in the University of Tolima it has very good references in the field

of education where I am as a person helps build intellectual and as a person of


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